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us airways flight 1549 wikipedia - us airways flight 1549 was an airbus a320 214 which in the climbout after takeoff from new york city s laguardia airport on january 15 2009 struck a flock of canada geese just northeast of the george washington bridge and consequently lost all engine power unable to reach any airport pilots chesley sullenberger and jeffrey skiles glided the plane to a ditching in the hudson river off, ask the captain comparing the airbus a320 and boeing 737 - ask the captain comparing the airbus a320 and boeing 737 a pilot who has flown both compares these two popular planes, mcdu emulator simulator for airbus practice and learn - take the first step toward realizing your dream of flying an airbus with our tutorials and practice emulator here you can learn about different topics related to the airbus mulitpurpose control display unit mcdu and the flight management guidance system fmgs, airbus a320 crashed in southern france pprune forums - rumours news airbus a320 crashed in southern france acms the fact that not one word was said for 8 mins of high speed descent not quite true, the aircraft maintenance manual a320 family pprune forums - engineers technicians the aircraft maintenance manual a320 family i need the aircraft maintenance manual for the a320 family to download, cqt intel comments airbusdriver net - urgent please send cqt sim intel asap i really need your input on the spots loft and non normal events that occurred during your ride so i can construct a new matrix of the scenario events and triggers, news channel homepage flightglobal com - flightglobal is the global aviation community s primary source of news data insight knowledge and expertise we provide news data analytics and advisory services to connect the aviation, air france flight 447 wikipedia - air france flight 447 af447 afr447 was a scheduled international passenger flight from rio de janeiro brazil to paris france which crashed on 1 june 2009 the airbus a330 operated by air france stalled and did not recover eventually crashing into the atlantic ocean at 02 14 utc killing all 228 passengers and crew on board the aircraft the brazilian navy removed the first major, how does the fly by wire in boeing 777 differs from the - i have some questions regarding the fly by wire control system 1 how does the fly by wire system of the boeing 777 differs from the standard airbus fly by wire system 2 i have heard that the fly by wire system comes on shortly after takeoff how long after takeoff what altitude 3 why is the, the germanwings disaster askthepilot com - from network news to the new yorker the conversation spins out of control update march 30 2015 not to detract from the raw horror of the germanwings disaster but the crash has spawned a sideshow of ill informed and just plain aggravating conversations across the whole spectrum of the media that somebody needs to address, aircraft pressurization beginner s guide aerosavvy - how and why are airplanes pressurized it s easy to take flying for granted we hop on board a comfy airliner and fly high in the stratosphere without giving breathing a second thought the aircraft s pressurization system makes it possible here s how the magic works hypothetical, faa missed question codes for pilots instructors and - faa missed question codes for pilots instructors and flight engineers exams click here for aviation mechanic exams if you missed any questions on your faa knowledge test you will find the learning statement codes on your test report, cobham plc site map - air many of the world s best known aircraft including the f 35 and all airbus platforms feature cobham technology from internet in the sky through to jamming and missile guidance for the latest fighter aircraft cobham has an innovative suite of avionics communication and navigation products for an, part 145 manual of standards mos legislation - part 145 manual of standards mos as amended made under regulations 145 005 and 145 015 of the civil aviation safety regulations 1998 this compilation was prepared on 18 march 2015 taking into account amendments up to part 145 manual of standards amendment instrument 2014 no 1 disallowed prepared by the legislative drafting branch legal services division civil aviation safety, should airplanes be flying themselves vanity fair - airline pilots were once the heroes of the skies today in the quest for safety airplanes are meant to largely fly themselves which is why the 2009 crash of air france flight 447 which killed, how long are flights over water while crossing the atlantic - ask the captain how long are flights over water crossing the atlantic usually the over ocean part of the flight known as coasting out is near gander newfoundland canada, proud to fly a turboprop q400 vs atr72 the flying engineer - it s time for another a vs b comparison this time around though it isn t between airbus and boeing but the world s two most popular regional turboprop aircraft the atr 72 and the bombardier q400 the indian short haul segment was and is ruled by the atr 42 and the atr 72 turboprop aircraft a product of, thirty thousand feet aviation maintenance and conversions - aircraft maintenance and overhaul repair aar corp engine sales leasing overhaul parts airframe parts overhaul modification adn findaircraft com aviation services special discounts on aircraft painting and interior services aero twin inc general aviation maintenance shop in anchorage aeromech a general aviation maintenance shop recip to turbine located in lakeland florida, aviation hf news system safety - aviation human factors industry news the following weekly issues have been generously provided by roger hughes president decoding human factors inc congratulations to roger on being awarded the charles taylor master mechanic award by the faa click here to read his autobiograhy click to see a larger image, used for sale in online surplus auctions salvex - auctions for the sale of surplus salvage scrap damaged bankrupt inventories for asset recovery insurance transportation manufacturing oil and gas industries, oh my god there s duct tape on my plane - this again a passenger snaps a picture of what seems to be duct tape affixed to some portion of an airplane uploads it to facebook or wherever and suddenly it s a scandal the picture above showing tape over the flap fairing of a 737 was sent to me by a panicked reader a few years ago this